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The figure above is a healthy throat

Sore throat is whether caused bacteria infection or viruses. No matter what age you are, sore throat can be exprienced by everyone.
A = pharynx
B = uvala  
C = tongue
D = tonsils

Sore throat can spread through a few ways;

a) Drinks sharing
b) Coughing
c) Sneezing
d) Chicken pox (for certain cases)
e) Kissing
What causes a sore throat?Sore throat is an indication of frequent inscription of antibiotics that can cause the increases of endurance of antimicrobial with a wide spread and also the uses of unsuitable antibiotics.

Other reasons for a sore throat are;

a) Pollution- Contiminates the air and can irritate the throat.
b) Allergy- Hay fever and allergy sufferers may get an irritated throat during allergic attack.
c) Cigarette smoke- A major irritant of the airways and make both viral and bacterial more likely.
d) Changes in temperature- Such as going from warm centrally heated room to the icy outdoors can affect         the throat.
e) Overuse of the vocal cords- Through singing or shouting  can lead to inflammation.

is an inflammation of two oval-shaped pads of tissue at the back of the throat.
The above figure is one of the serious sore throat that need a specific antibiotic in order to prevent it getting worst.

The bacteria that causes most of sore throats is called, streptoccocus group A (strep A).
Symptoms of sore throats are;

a) Painful red throat
b) Difficulty in swallowing food
c) Fever
d) Headache
e) abdomen hurt
f) Nausea and vomitting
g) Swollen tonsils
h) Swollen lymphs glands and neck stiffness

Treatment to make sore throat better;

a) Drink plenty of non-alchoholic fluids
b) Gargle with warm salty water
c) If you have the temperature,take paracetamol to reduce it. It is safe to use paracetamol.
d) Adults may try gargling with soluble aspirin before swallowing it.
e) Suck throat lozenges.
f) Use throat spray.
g) Do not smoke.
h) Drink alchohol.


a)  Lemonade + Honey - Take a glass of warm water and mix it with lime juice extraction. Add a spoonful of honey. If the honey bee ori tu're good. Practice drinking lemonade is 3 times a day.
2) Tamarind - Mix one tablespoon of tamarind into a glass of water. Stir and let stand for a moment and then filter. The tamarind juice. Tamarind is good for soothing the throat.
3) Gargle with salt water - Mix a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and gargle salt water. This method can relieve itching in the throat.
4) Cucumber juice - Blend cucumber juice and drink. If lazy to grind, peeled cucumber skin je tu and eat raw. Add a pinch of salt. Cucumber is among its advantages is that it can relieve pain checkmate.

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